Composite wall, concrete bottom swimming pool for residential and commercial applications. 

The Alpha Evolution
Commercial & Residential

The Alpha Evolution

Pool Professionals are using the Alpha Evolution to build commercial and residential swimming pools. This system uses our patented Fiber-Reinforced Composite wall system and a concrete floor to achieve an unparalleled final product. 


Pool Tile

Unlike metal or plastic, our Composite panels are able to be tiled. Tile the entire wall or just the border, it’s your choice.

Painted Surface

With an industry standard 2-part epoxy paint, the interior of the swimming pool can be painted just about any color imaginable.

Evolution Professional Pool Coatings

Available in a variety of granite colors, this thermo-polymer coating can be applied to the entire inside surface of the swimming pool. Visit Eco-Finish for more information.

Diamond Brite

Used as a concrete bottom finisher on the Alpha Evolution, this blend of quartz aggregates and portland cement can enhance the bottom of any Evolution swimming pool. Learn more here: Diamond Brite Information

Pebble Tec

Surfacing the concrete bottom of the Evolution pool with Pebble Tec lends a custom look with painted and tiled walls. Learn more about Pebble Tec here: Pebble Tec

Additional Surfaces / Applications

Pool Professionals are constantly bringing new applications to our attention as the versatility and raw material of our patented Composite wall system allows various pool surfaces to be used. 

The Alpha Evolution offers Home Owners, Project Managers and Independent Contractors unlimited design options and quick installation compared to stainless steel, one piece fiberglass, and gunite swimming pools.